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The Szaniawski Gorge

The Szaniawski Gorge

A picturesquely shaped forest reserve with an area of ​​11.50 ha, created by the order of the Minister of Forestry and Wood Industry of October 16, 1979. On the slope of the ravine, natural trees stand out, especially natural monuments: magnificent pedunculate oaks and Scots pines. In the park, near the remnants of the Szaniawski manor, a three-trunk maple tree and a chestnut tree stand out.

The name of the reserve is associated with the person of the famous writer and playwright Jerzy Szaniawski, who was born in this place and spent many years of his life here. His family home – a manor house on the banks of the Narew and later Lake Zegrze, burned down seven years after the writer’s death, destroying his memorabilia: manuscripts (including unpublished dramas), a rich library, and personal belongings. Today, only the foundations of the building with wide stairs are legible.

Source: Jacek Szczepański „Powiat legionowski. Przewodnik subiektywny” Mazowieckie Centrum Kultury i Sztuki 2011


Location : 52°28’50″N 21°03’28″E

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