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Upside down house

Upside down house

” The upside down house in Zakopane is a unique attraction that allows you to feel the phenomenon in the form of a different impact of gravity on a person and allows you to unleash your fantasy, guaranteeing great fun.

The upside down house is an attraction for children and adults. The house is located on the roof, and it is also placed diagonally. Everything looks different in it. The house is walked on the ceiling, all its furnishings are standing, or rather hanging, attached to the floor. In addition, the slant makes keeping the balance not so easy, the labyrinth will remind you of itself! The only simple thing here is the stairs, leading not to the first floor, but to the ground floor. Well, we start our tour from the first floor. ”

Adress: ul. Aleje 3 Maja
34-500 Zakopane

Sources: https://www.zakopane.pl/strefa-turystyczna/turystyka/atrakcje-turystyczne/dom-do-gory-nogami


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