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Trail to Czerwone Wierchy

Trail to Czerwone Wierchy

Kościeliska Valley- Chuda Switchka- Ciemniak- Krzesanica- Małołączniak- Kopa Kondracka- Kondracka Przełęcz- Dolina Małej Łąki. Length 15 km

The green trail begins in Kiry, after a 20-minute walk you have to take the red trail to the left, leading to Chuda Switchka and further to Ciemniak (2096 m above sea level), Krzesanica (2122 m above sea level), Małołączniak (2096 m above sea level), Kopa Kondracka (2005 m above sea level). From Czerwony Wierchy, you can go down to the Mała Łąki Valley via the Kondracka Pass.

The Red Peaks are formed by the peaks: Kopa Kondracka, Małołączniak, Krzesanica and Ciemniak. They are a very popular destination for excursions. The trail leading from the Kościeliska Valley offers great views and does not pose any technical problems for the tourist. The Red Peaks are beautiful at any time of the year, especially in autumn you can experience the spectacle of colors.


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