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Jurata Pearl of the Baltic

Jurata Pearl of the Baltic

In 1928, the joint stock company Jurata resolved, its main task was to create a large health resort on the Baltic Sea, it was to be a competition for German Sopot. It was established on 150 hectares of land leased from the State Treasury. The project was private but controlled by the state due to its strategic location.

Within three years, wooden villas were built in the pine forest and beaches, which were ready to welcome guests in 1931.

“Jurata” takes its name from the Lithuanian Baltic goddess Jūratė, the heroine of the legend written for the first time by the Samogitian poet Ludwik Adam Jucewicz. The legend says that her father, who did not agree to love the fisherman, destroyed her amber palace. According to legend, this is where the amber that the Baltic throws ashore every day comes from.

The first in the resort were the Hotel Lido on the main street and Cafe Casino right by the sea.

In the 1930s, Jurata was considered one of the most luxurious resorts. One after another, guesthouses were built here, and many of them are still in operation today. This place is liked by many Polish actors, artists and politicians, including Eugeniusz Bodo, general Sikorski, Ignacy Mościcki, Wojciech Kossak, and Magdalena Samozwaniec.

In September 1939, the pre-war history of Jurata ended, but it was saved because the Germans liked it so much that they started to come there themselves. After the defeat of Poland in the September campaign, the occupiers incorporated the Hel Peninsula into the Reich, in 1945 Poland regained Jurata and Sopot.

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