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Solina Lake

Solina Lake

“Lake Solińskie is a storage reservoir that was created by damming the waters of the San and Solinka. The tank is a real colossus. Its area is over 22 square kilometers, and the length of the coastline is over 150 kilometers. Thanks to this, not only can many towns use it, but also sailing sports can be practiced on its waters without any problems.

The beautiful location of the popular Solina should be emphasized. The lake is mainly surrounded by forests and numerous hills, the highest of which are Jawor and Stożki. Streams flowing down from the mountains provide the lake with clean water, which is a great paradise for anglers, and people who love kayaking get the opportunity to explore wonderful rivers in safe conditions. On the lake, it is also worth seeing the dam, which also houses the power plant building. The construction of the dam took 9 years, and over 2,000 people worked on it. On the shores of Lake Solińskie there are beaches where you can feel at least as good as in Masuria, and also surrounded by picturesque mountains. There are three cruise ships sailing on the waters of the reservoir, creating the impression of going on a sea voyage ”


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