The Rogowo Fort

The Rogowo Fort

“Before World War II, a military unit was established in Rogów.

First, the troops of the Third Reich were stationed there, then Polish troops. As long as the army stayed in Rogów, this place was “top secret”. It is difficult to talk about any tourist base. At present, the unit is abandoned, and Rogowo is successfully making up for losses in the field of tourism.
In the deserted hangar, an exhibition with historic airplanes was created, and its patronage is the Museum of Polish Arms in Kołobrzeg. In 2005, the Fort Rogowo Foundation was established, whose main goal is to save items related to military and regional history. The Fort is hosting the annual “Star Truck IV” Military Truck Rally as well as various lectures and historical picnics. ”

Adress: Lotnisko Rogowo 8, 72-330 Mrzeżyno

Phone: 889 955 228


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