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Solina Dam

Solina Dam

“We encourage all interesting technical constructions to visit the interior of the largest hydrotechnical facility in Poland, i.e. the Solina dam. It is an attraction that will surely be remembered by us. Its length is 664 meters, height – 82 meters, and the volume of concrete is 760,000 m3. Visiting only with a guide, thanks to which we will learn about the mechanics of the dam and the processes that take place in it. We will see old turbines, rotors, a machine hall with four hydro units, a huge crane, control room, various measuring devices, huge power generators, a service gallery (located 6 meters below the lake bottom!). And that’s not all. On site, you can watch a movie about the production of renewable energy from natural sources such as: water, wind, sun, biomass. There is also an interesting exhibition of archival photographs from the construction of the power plant, which will make everyone aware of how great this project was. Apparently, the lake, dam and the power plant in Solina hide many secrets, and a trip inside the dam will reveal many of them!

Note: inside there is a temperature of 7-8 degrees Celsius and 100% humidity, and there will be about 100 degrees of stairs to climb, but it will not discourage anyone.

We invite all interested parties to the CEO Solina building / access road to the gate of the Hydroelectric Power Plant in Solina / from 9.00-16.00. Monday – CLOSED. ”

Adress: Zespół Elektrowni Wodnej w Solinie, Solina


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