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Night tour of the Czocha Castle

Night tour of the Czocha Castle

When people usually fall asleep, the spirits continue their eternal journey, but what about those who choose not to sleep? What’s more, sightseeing? The guests of the Czocha Castle who go on a Night Tour of the medieval fortress can find out about it.

Just after dark, when the massive gate closes behind the last guest, and the gathered people hear a characteristic rumble – it is a sign that there is no turning back.

An elegant custodian with two helpers – guides will lead you to the largest room of the mysterious manor, where visitors will begin their night adventure.

For almost three hours, the participants will look into the chambers, and in one of them they will hear the cry of a baby who was walled up alive by the former ruler, who also had no mercy for his mother. This one still wanders the castle cloisters looking for her little one to no avail.

This ruler, as well as his successors, with undisguised passion for the disobedience of their wives and mistresses, threw them into the well, which gained the unmistakable name of the Well of Unfaithful Wives.
And there the guests will bow their heads, and the dark echo of death will almost touch their necks…

Castle explorers will squeeze through secret passages to finally see the torture chamber, where the moans of ancient martyrs can still be heard.

Guests will descend to the treasury of the last owner of Czocha, robbed after World War II, enjoy delicious mead in the castle winery, go to the enigmatic armory and dark dungeons.

Every night in the castle, when the fog begins to lift slightly over Kwisa, and a dark whistle comes through the wooden shutters – it’s a sign that we’re not alone.

Depending on the phase of the moon, ghosts and ghosts of murdered princesses seeking solace among the living can be found in the castle. Knights who want to glorify the name of their ruler also fight hard. Former dancers try to tame the element of fire and thus look death straight in the eye, and wandering soldiers still fight and namelessly die on the castle floor.


More information: https://zamekczocha.com/atrakcje/nocne-zwiedzanie-zamku-czocha/


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