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Museum of Boyko Culture

Museum of Boyko Culture

“One of the most visited attractions in Polańczyk and its vicinity is the Boyko Culture Museum in Myczków.

The museum has existed since 2013 and collects memorabilia from the social and economic life of the former inhabitants of the present Solina commune. For over 30 years, items of everyday life, old photos, documents, tools and costumes have been collected. Most of the memorabilia documenting those years are in the private collections of the current museum curator, Stanisław Drozd, and the late Polish language teacher in the primary school in Berezka – Władysław Wojtoń, who collected memorabilia of the past in the Polish language study room. This collection was enlarged in the 1980s by a young history teacher at this school.
The museum’s collections present all areas of life of the inhabitants of Myczków and its vicinity, and are arranged chronologically – from conception to death. Thanks to the great commitment of history enthusiasts, students, their parents and teachers – the museum’s collections are constantly supplemented and enlarged. ”

Adress: Mała Pętla Bieszczadzka 12, Myczków


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