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Gubałówka Mount

Gubałówka Mount

“Walking time: approx. 30 minutes

Distance: 2.5 km (along the Gubałówka ridge)

The whole trip with a cable car ascent and a descent by the Butorowy Wierch chairlift: approx. 1 hour. 30 minutes

We start the trip at ul. Kościeliska, at the exit of ul. Krupówki. We head north, towards the lower station of the cable car to Gubałówka (from Krupówki we cross the road via an underground passage).

Our route leads through the regional market near Gubałówka. It is an opportunity to try oscypek, bundz, redykołek and other regional products, as well as see folk handicrafts. The market ends with a square where the lower station of the funicular railway to Gubałówka is located. We can go to the ridge in a wagon (3.5 minutes) or go on foot along the tourist trail that starts at ul. Smooth, then runs along the funicular (approx. 1 hour).

The funicular railway to Gubałówka was built in 1938. Currently, it belongs to the Polish Cable Railways team, as well as, inter alia, Kasprowy Wierch. The route is 1,301 meters long, with a gain of 300 meters. There is also a 700-meter gravity slide next to the upper station.

Gubałówka (1123 m above sea level) is a massif in the Gubałówka Range that limits the Zakopane Trench from the north (part of the Tatra Trench), in which Zakopane is located. From the north, it slopes gently towards villages such as Ząb, Suche, Nowe Bystre, Dzianisz. From the ridge to the south there is a wonderful view of Zakopane and part of the Tatra Mountains, incl. Czerwone Wierchy, Giewont, Kasprowy Wierch, Świnica, Koszystą and a fragment of the Bielskie Tatras. In the past, the southern slope of Gubałówka was a Mecca for skiers. Currently, parts are available as ski runs.

We suggest a walk along the ridge of Gubałówka to the west towards Butorowy Wierch. The route will take us about 40 minutes. In nice weather, during the walk, you will have a view not only of the Tatra Mountains, but also to the north and north-west. We will see Babia Góra there, the Polica range and a fragment of the Gorców massif. A significant part of the walk will pass among the regional stands and restaurants. About 900 meters from the top station of the funicular to Gubałówka, on the left we will see the upper station of the Polana Szymoszkowa all-year chairlift. In winter, it is used by skiers – it is one of the most popular ski resorts in Zakopane. Length of the route: 1291 meters, elevation: 261 m. There is a geothermal swimming pool at the bottom station of the Polana Szymoszkowa complex. The water that fills them comes from the “Szymoszkowa GT1” geothermal borehole and has a temperature of around 30 ° C. The facility is open only in summer.

Going further along the ridge of Gubałówka, we will reach the upper station of the Butorowy Wierch chairlift (the last section runs along a forest road).

Butorowy Wierch (1160 m above sea level) is a hill in the Gubałówka Range between Gubałówka and Palenica Kościeliska. We can use the possibility of descent with a two-person “chair”. The length of the route is 1619 meters, elevation difference: approx. 320 m, time of the cable car ride 18 minutes.

The lower chairlift station is already located in Kościelisko – a longer walk back to Zakopane is necessary (to the starting point – approx. 30 minutes). ”


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