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Friendship Promenade in Mielno

Friendship Promenade in Mielno

“The Friendship Promenade in Mielno, because that is its full name, was established in 1908. Originally, it had a protective function against coastal dunes – it strengthened and protected the shore against the destructive effects of sea waves. With time, tourists relaxing in the resort took a liking to this place for walks and… it stayed that way. In the eighties of the last century, a storm of exceptional strength tore the dunes, and with them the walking route. In 2018, as part of the last stage of the reconstruction of the project, the two existing sections – taken by the element – were connected into one whole. Existing and revitalized in earlier years descents to the beach at ul. Orła Białego, Chmielna and Mickiewicza were connected by footbridges on steel piles just in front of the dune. The footbridges are about 300 meters long and thanks to them the promenade has been extended to almost 2 kilometers, becoming an important element integrating the entire city of Mielno, because now you can walk along it all the way from the center to Unieście. In addition to the footbridges, the entire walking route has been illuminated and a new element has appeared, i.e. boards promoting the attractions of all towns in the entire commune. The boards are a kind of gallery of graphics made by Tomasz Żuk, an artist who has been working under the pseudonym CUKIN, who has been cooperating with Mielno for several years. ”



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