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Day tour of Czocha Castle

Day tour of Czocha Castle

Every day, our guests are greeted by guides ready to lead you through chambers full of secrets and history, numerously connected by hidden passages, for which the Czocha Castle is famous.

The medieval castle hides many secrets carefully hidden by successive owners and revealed by today’s discoverers. Visiting the Czocha Castle with a guide is a living history lesson embellished with colorful legends and overheard stories.

The tour begins in the great Knights’ Hall, occasionally used as a ballroom. Here, guests take their first steps towards an extraordinary journey through the castle, which has been hailed as the Polish Hogwarts.

Why Hogwarts? Because it is in this Lower Silesian facility that the world-famous LARPs, the Summer School of Magic and magic workshops for schools take place.

Visitors will look into the beautiful Marble Room, where their eyes will be drawn to wall paintings and a fireplace, in which, according to legend, a baby only a few days old was walled up.

In the castle there is also an exhibition of communication equipment used by the Polish army in the period of the People’s Republic of Poland and an exhibition of treasures found in the castle during renovation in 2015.

Guests will have the opportunity to go down to the castle Treasury, the interior of which was guarded by steel and concrete doors, and the valuable contents became the object of desire for many people.

The Library Room is certainly impressive, where books fill niches located from the floor to the very ceiling. This room is also packed with Masonic symbolism, which awakens the imagination of every adventurer and history lover.

The Portrait Room is available for sightseeing, and on its walls you will see images of the Piast dynasty.

Of great interest is the famous Prince’s Chamber, shrouded in a legend about a specially placed trapdoor under the double bed, which dropped the sleeping person into the dungeon.

Visitors will be able to see the beautiful bathroom adjacent to the Bedroom Chamber, the Daughters’ Chamber of the last owner of the castle and climb the Observation Tower, from where there is a beautiful panorama of the Kwisa River surrounding the castle and the nearby forests.

The majesty of the building draws the attention of tourists. Its fabulous aura is a real paradise for photography enthusiasts.

More information: https://zamekczocha.com/atrakcje/dzienne-zwiedzanie-zamku-czocha/

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