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Baltic Miniatures Park

Baltic Miniatures Park

“If you are wondering what to see in Międzyzdroje, we invite you to make an amazing 45-minute journey around the Baltic Sea. During your visit to the Baltic Miniature Park, walking along the miniature Baltic coast, you will cross the borders of all the countries lying on the Baltic Sea. However, to make your trip even more attractive, we have prepared models of the most interesting monuments and lighthouses in 1:25 scale from Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, the stories of which will be told by the staff of our guides. We took care of the preservation of all details, commissioning the preparation of miniatures to the best modeling studios. And for dessert, we have prepared a model of miniature queues, which on an area of ​​500 m2 will not allow the eyes of the Small and the Big to take their eyes off each other.

The selected subject, placing the models according to the actual place of their location and the miniature of the Baltic Sea make the Baltic Miniature Park unique and multicultural. No one else has undertaken such a task before, and tens of thousands of satisfied guests in the first (2015) year of operation are for us sufficient recognition and motivation to further expand the park.

We hope that the Baltic Miniature Park will awaken your historical and geographical interests, infect you with a passion for traveling and visiting the places you have met in reality. This is just the beginning of the Baltic Miniature Park, which will continue to be expanded to become the most beautiful miniature park in Poland. Already now experts include the Baltic Miniature Park among the best tourist attractions in Western Pomerania. ”


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