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W dn. 9-18 kwietnia br. spędziłem z żoną urlop w Domu Wczasowym "Przyjaźń" w Zakopanem. Był to nasz trzeci pobyt w tej placówce. Jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni z pobytu, także poprzednich. Dostrzegliśmy i doceniamy profesjonalną, wychodzącą ...

Jan Ośmiałowski z żoną

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Rewita WDW Rynia


About the resort

Rewita Rynia

ul. Wczasowa 59 • 05-127 Białobrzegi
Phone +48 (22) 768 01 66 • +48 (22) 768 01 06 • fax +48 (22) 782 81 26 • +48 (22) 782 81 32
tel. +48 (22) 768 01 06 • tel. +48 (22) 188 51 80 • gsm +48 508 679 176
bank account no: Bank Pekao S.A. 77 1240 6292 1111 0010 3709 0233

Small distance from Warsaw, the closeness to nature, and comfortable accommodation conditions are the advantages that appeal to many content visitors of REWITA WDW

Rewita WDW Rynia is situated on the convenient location of the eastern shore of the Zegrzyński reservoir - 32 km from the centre of Warsaw. It is a perfect place to spend your free time actively, e.g. practising water sports and enjoying the unique beauty of nature. The extensive surroundings of enclosed forest area will ensure the silence, and comfort of your stay.

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We provide varied accommodation, directly tailored to your needs, delicious cuisine, memorable atmosphere of the café, and pleasant and professional service.

Due to the fact that our resort is situated near Warsaw, it is a convenient place for the organisation of trainings, conferences, and a nice option for clients being away on business. Moreover, it has a perfect conditions for any type of organised holidays, e.g. nature school, camps, and summer holidays. Our hotel kindly invites families with children, and seniors. It has a direct access to the lake, unguarded lido and beach, and its own port with a water equipment.

There is a free Internet access in the resort and within the marina area - free hot spot.

AMW REWITA Sp. z o.o. •  św. Jacka Odrowąża 15 • 03-310 Warszawa
tel. +48 (22) 270 95 50 • fax +48 (22) 270 21 43 •


Rewita WDW Rynia
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