Rewita WDW Zakopane

W dn. 9-18 kwietnia br. spędziłem z żoną urlop w Domu Wczasowym "Przyjaźń" w Zakopanem. Był to nasz trzeci pobyt w tej placówce. Jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni z pobytu, także poprzednich. Dostrzegliśmy i doceniamy profesjonalną, wychodzącą ...

Jan Ośmiałowski z żoną

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Rewita WDW Jurata



Rewita Jurata

ul. Helska 1 • 84-150 Hel
Phone +48 (58) 675 42 28 • tel. +48 (58) 675 42 85 • fax +48 (58) 675 42 62
Rewita WDW Jurata / Kormoran ul. Sikorskiego 2 • 84-150 Hel
Rewita WDW Jurata / Hel ul. Steyera 3 • 84-150 Hel
Nr konta bankowego: Bank Pekao S.A. 10 1240 6292 1111 0010 3708 9208
rezerwacje e-mail:
kontakt ogólny:

REWITA WDW Jurata invites you to organise trainings, conferences, courses, business parties & socializing events, outdoor regales for organised rooms. The ideal location in the middle of pine coniferous forest with a unique and rich vegetation, far from the noise of the city is favourable for the organization of trainings connected with a leisure time. In order to make your stay more attractive, and organization of your events more successful, we cooperate with the best training & event coordinators in the Tri-City.

We provide:

Accommodation: Simultaneously, we can accommodate up to 800 people in six three-storeyed hotel buildings, in double, triple, 4-person rooms with full sanitary units, and RTV in the rooms of a high standard.

Professional catering service, including coffee breaks, business lunches, banquets and regales.
A set of 5 training-conference rooms for 50 up to 200 people with a professional multimedia equipment, and an internet connection make the resort tailor-made for our clients.

Send an inquiryConference packet from 178 PLN/per. for minimum 70-per. groups

A large and varied place around the resort, a fireplace site with a panorama on the Pucka Bay and the Tri-City, fitness club, tennis courts, playing field for team games, cycle paths from Hel to Władysławowo, make the offer even more attractive.
Inquiries concerning the organization of conference or other event for groups.
Please e-mail:

AMW REWITA Sp. z o.o. •  św. Jacka Odrowąża 15 • 03-310 Warszawa
tel. +48 (22) 270 95 50 • fax +48 (22) 270 21 43 •


Rewita WDW Jurata
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