Rewita WDW Zakopane

W dn. 9-18 kwietnia br. spędziłem z żoną urlop w Domu Wczasowym "Przyjaźń" w Zakopanem. Był to nasz trzeci pobyt w tej placówce. Jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni z pobytu, także poprzednich. Dostrzegliśmy i doceniamy profesjonalną, wychodzącą ...

Jan Ośmiałowski z żoną

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Rewita WDW Jurata


About the resort

Rewita Jurata

ul. Helska 1 • 84-150 Hel
Phone +48 (58) 675 42 28 • tel. +48 (58) 675 42 85 • fax +48 (58) 675 42 62
Rewita WDW Jurata / Kormoran ul. Sikorskiego 2 • 84-150 Hel
Rewita WDW Jurata / Hel ul. Steyera 3 • 84-150 Hel
Nr konta bankowego: Bank Pekao S.A. 10 1240 6292 1111 0010 3708 9208
rezerwacje e-mail:
kontakt ogólny:

The soothing sounds of the sea, the sandy beach, the warming sun, the offshore cooling winds best for surfing are the unique features of REWITA WDW Jurata. Its the one and only place for your holidays in Poland!

The resort covers and area of 37.6 hectares of a pine forest with a unique vegetation. The other advantages of the hotel is its location on the Hel Peninsula, the longest natural pier in Europe. Due to its unique form, it is a part of the Polish Coastal Landscape Park. In the place, where the resort is situated, the peninsula is 600 metres wide, thus making the excellent conditions for sunbathing, long walks by the seashore, active holidays and water sports. Jurata is a mecca for surfers, who often stay at our hotel.

On the resorts' premises works wind&kite-surfing school, which trains the amateurs and lovers of water sports. The specific microclimate of the region with a high iodine content in the air have a healing effects on respiratory illnesses, and it is advised for children, teenagers and adults.

We invite you to REWITA WDW Jurata for your memorable holidays.

It's a ideal place to stay if you are looking for special combination of active holidays with the contemplation of sandy beaches, and invigorating smell of coniferous forest. The variety of leisure activities, ranging from surfing, diving to sunbathing, attract the tourists to come and stay at our hotel, not only in the summer, but also in the spring, or beginning of the autumn season.

Our object has a sports&water equipment rental, fitness club, gym, playing fields for team games,and health paths.

We kindly welcome all families with children, business clients, seniors, and groups. We organise holidays, camps, conferences, trainings, symposiums, socializing events, outdoor picnics, Spartan competitions, conventions, banquets, weddings, balls, commemoration meetings, and other events suggested by our guests.

AMW REWITA Sp. z o.o. •  św. Jacka Odrowąża 15 • 03-310 Warszawa
tel. +48 (22) 270 95 50 • fax +48 (22) 270 21 43 •


Rewita WDW Jurata
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