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W dn. 9-18 kwietnia br. spędziłem z żoną urlop w Domu Wczasowym "Przyjaźń" w Zakopanem. Był to nasz trzeci pobyt w tej placówce. Jesteśmy bardzo zadowoleni z pobytu, także poprzednich. Dostrzegliśmy i doceniamy profesjonalną, wychodzącą ...

Jan Ośmiałowski z żoną

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Rewita Międzyzdroje



Rewita Międzyzdroje

ul. Promenada Gwiazd 3 • 72-500 Międzyzdroje
Phone +48 (91) 328 07 81 • fax +48 (91) 328 26 04
tel. +48 (91) 328 07 94 (bud. Fregata) - no. is not available till 4th of April 2016
bank account: Bank Pekao S.A. 82 1240 6292 1111 0010 3709 1113
international transfers: IBAN PL82124062921111001037091113 (BIC: PKOPPLPW)
BOOKINGS: tel. +48 (91) 381 45 00 • e-mail

What can you do in Międzyzdroje durting your holiday? Attractions for vacationers:

Free attractions:

  • an outdoor event (weather permitting) with live music or playback.

For an extra charge:

  • coach trips- domestic and foreign,
  • pleasure cruises.

We recommend cruises to the nearby lidos in Germany((Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf, Heringsdorf) and in Świnoujscie. The immediate vicinity of the Wolin National Park, numerous nature reserves with viewpoints on hiking trails, beautifully situated lake Turquoise, encourage relaxation at any time of the year. Here are the superb conditions for healthy recreation, sport and tourism, such as: hiking and jogging, cycling, water sports, and horse riding.



The longest concrete pier in Poland. The entry to the pier is guarded by two historic towers- the only remnant of current design wooden antecedents.

The work of Prof. Adam Myjak associated with Holiday Festival of Stars that has been organised since 1996. It is an unusual avenue, where 108 bronze handprints of artists and four monuments have been perpetuated, commemorating prominent personalities of film&theatre. It is the place, where e.g. The bronze bench in memory of Gustav Holoubek, and the Kwinto figure (a character played by Jan Machulski in Vabank) were unveiled.

The Planetarium is one of the most modern in Poland. It was built on the roof of the Wax House by Międzyzdroje promenade. It is the best way to be closer to the stars and contemplate the galaxy. The object can accommodate 54 viewers. On the 7 metres dome by means of the projector are displayed three-dimensional images from space.

Exhibition of a life-size wax figures from the world of science, politics, art, and fairy-tale characters.

The enclosure is situated about 1.2 km away from the city, in the Wolin National Park. Founded in 1976 as a tourist and educational object of the park. There is a herd of imposing wisents and paddocks for other forest animals. You can admire the beautiful specimens of deer, roe,wild boar and white-tailed eagle. The enclosure is open daily(in the summer except Mondays) between 10.00-18.00. Walk on foot about 1 500 metres from the Leśna Street or from the parking Kwasowo (access to the parking by car towards Wisełka)

The Park was founded at the turn of the 19th and 20th century at the International House of Culture. On its area grow impressive oaks, plane-trees, thujas, yews, and many beautiful flowers. In 1999,Chopin monument was unveiled in the park.

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Rewita Międzyzdroje
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