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Razem z żoną spędzamy tu już po raz kolejny bardzo przyjemny urlop. Wrócimy z pewnością! Doskonała lokalizacja i przystępne ceny, a przede wszystkim uprzejmość personelu i po prostu smaczne posiłki. Cała obsługa nastawiona na wygodę Klienta. To lubimy i chwalimy.

Jerzy i Alina W. 28.06.2012 r

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REWITA Domy Wczasowe WAM


About the resort

Rewita WDW Unieście

ul. Suriana 24 • 76-032 Mielno-Unieście
Phone +48 (94) 348 19 00 • gsm +48 692 484 606 • fax +48 (94) 348 19 10
tel. +48 (94) 348 18 70 • gsm +48 602 577 153
nr konta bankowego: Bank Pekao S.A. 64 1240 6292 1111 0010 3708 9400
kontakt ogólny:

Closeness to the sea, wide beaches, natural dunes, direct access to the lake with its own marina, tidy forests, healthy climate, and cosy atmosphere are the surroundings and location of REWITA WDW Unieście, the advantages, which make the guests come back each summer.

Our resort is located on the sand bar, only 250 metres from the Baltic Sea in a quiet and safe area. On the 9 hectares wide forested area of the resort are interesting walking trails and recreational tracts, and a guarded parking. The Hotel has a direct access to the Jamno lake with its own marina, and water sports, and sports-recreational rental. 

The premises of the hotel are enclosed and safe, which is important, especially for the families and children staying here.
We invite you to REWITA WDW Unieście for unforgettable holidays. It is the best place for everyone who is looking for the unique combination of active holidays with the beauty of the sandy beaches and aromatic smell of the coniferous forest. The wide variety of leisure activities ranging from sailing, sunbathing to the morning walks on the dewy paths of the forest attract our guest to stay in our hotel also in the early spring and autumn season. We welcome all families with children, business clients, and groups. Seniors will also find it as an ideal place for rest and cure. We organise one or two weeks holidays, camps, conferences, nature schools, socializing events, outdoor picnics, and any other events suggested by our guests.

Domy Wczasowe WAM Sp. z o.o. • ul. Syrokomli 6 • 03-335 Warszawa
tel. +48 (22) 188 51 66 • fax +48 (22) 188 51 63 •


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